I’m Anna Mason. I’m a self-taught professional watercolour artist specialising in realism and botanical art.  I’ve created this website to share with you my watercolour technique and to help motivate you to begin or improve your own painting.

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Smooth watercolour washes (without the stress!)

Trying to paint a large area with watercolour so you don’t get any hard line edges can be STRESSFUL. You have to work quickly and that can feel panicky. One false move and it’s GAME OVER. *Gulp* Or is it? In this tip video I wanted to show you my preferred technique (I know there are others out there!) for stress-free, oh-so-smooth, watercolour washes:

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overcoming blocks

Learning to paint can be a solitary activity. But what you need the most is some positive feedback on your work. That’s why I’ve set up the gallery page. For you to share and to support each other.

Fortnightly Featured Gallery Painting

Every fortnight I select a painting uploaded to the gallery to feature here on the homepage- a painting with something really positive we can take from it!

Magnolia Practice Picture.


Judith’s done a fabulous job with this subtle Magnolia bloom, which was from a photo supplied in my School. She’s gained enough confidence with her painting to take on this challenge with great skill.

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I’ve set up my online school to make it easy for you to learn to paint watercolours like me.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have finally discovered a professional online course that teaches every detail – from how to hold the brush, mix the paint, the markings to make, and most importantly Anna’s unique painting method.” Sally Filer